For Those Who Pray

For Those Who Pray

For Those Who Pray [ftwp] is a slow fashion Tel Aviv-based label founded by Avigail Talmor, a multidisciplinary designer and design tutor. Based on a wide design and art knowledge followed by visual arts, fashion, leather-work, and silversmith practice, ftwp enables a multidisciplinary state of mind and can be best described as a design laboratory that transfers visual and conceptual research into design objects. For Those Who Pray’s Leather Accessories collection combines elements and materials from various cultural environments to create articles dictated by matter and void.

For Those Who Pray’s objects are handmade in limited editions while each piece is one of a kind and slightly differs from one another. Each piece of black leather is unique so shades may vary. Ftwp maintains an Eco-friendly concept by using byproducts of the fashion industry, handpicked pieces of leather promise the right combination of textures and exact shades of black scheme for every article. Ftwp promises to meet eye to eye with each and every item going out to the world, making sure it is something they are happy to put their signature on.


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